Why the art industry needs an awesome supply chain and logistics solution

The art industry-markets around the world function as an enigma of sorts. On one hand, there is a celebrity-driven market based in online auction site. On the other, this market could be a Mumbai city club with products that range from paintings and prints to sculpture, etc.

As a provider of close to 6 million jobs, worldwide the art industry needs an immaculate supply chain and logistics solution. This immaculate service goes towards preserving the magic that comes from the spirit and the effort of an artist.

supply-chain-solutionsFor this reason, a good supply chain is critical for the growth and smooth running of art industries everywhere. These supply chains have to offer high quality expertise in the packaging, handling, and transportation of art outputs. Like every other industry, the art industry has its own nuances and therefore like all other industries it requires a set of personnel trained to understand the needs of this industry. In case of the art industry, the needs are of precision and understanding the true value of time and delivery, for an exception, under non-bulk order conditions most often.

Logistic and supply chain services such as Gati have dedicated modules such as Art Express that are completely dedicated to the service of the art industry focusing on private collectors, galleries, antique dealers, corporate buyers, fine arts experts, interior designers, artists etc.

Irrespective of whether an order is in bulk or whether it is a singular unit, the express services for the art industry have to be ready with hundreds of vehicles in place for delivery to the and fro the furthest corners. Further, the supply chains for the art industry require intensive trace & track facilities due to the high value of the products and their importance to the artist as well as galleries.

Movement by air is often required in case of last minute entries and demand in a market that is multi-crore yet with only a handful of very rich buyers. Gati excels in delivering through air with utmost care and speed. This exclusivity also means excellent packaging & handling on part of the logistics company, since many art works come for door pickup and door delivery and call for a tamper proof transit in every way.

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