Weathering the challenges of logistics. How cold chain solutions help.

How cold chain solutions help

In a country as large as India different regions have different weather conditions ranging from excessive heat to hailstorms to freezing conditions. For instance, the harsh summers in the south are in stark contrast to the freezing cold of the Himalayas in the north and north-eastern parts of the country. The rain and humidity of the east would be the opposite of extremely dry heat in the desert areas of the west. All these can have severe effect upon the movement of goods when they are in transit.

How weather can affect your goods:

Heat can damage paper packed products, decompose perishable goods and also lead to leakages. Rain can dampen wood crating and wood products. Freezing cold is capable of shrinking and reducing the efficacy of products. All these factors combine to effect perishable and fresh produce adversely.

How do cold chain solutions help?

If your logistic solution provider is equipped with a proper cold chain solutions system it stands a better chance against all these potential contingencies that result from unfriendly weather. Cold chain solutions are designed to provide temperature sensitive fresh and or fragile goods while protecting them physical impacts. Solutions like refrigerated and weatherproof containers and secure boxes are, therefore, a must for efficient transporting of a variety of goods.


Gati has an up-to-date, state-of-the art cold chain solution in place for transporting perishable and time-sensitive goods with road worthy trucks and trained, efficient staff for inventory management and monitoring. Head over here for a detailed look into how the system works.

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