Understand how order fulfilment works

This is the age of the big E- electronics. Everything is done electronically – from shopping to business, from banking to courier services, everything is dependent on WI-FI and the internet. For most of the services or business streams, ecommerce fulfilment services are a very important component. Effectively ecommerce fulfilment services or Logistics services are the back bone of the ecommerce industry

Logistics servicesThe main vertical of an efficient Logistics provider is the “order fulfilment procedure”

Order fulfilment is the entire procedure or steps involved in receiving, storing, processing and delivering orders to end customers. What seems like a very easy process to the layman or customer is actually a very difficult and complicated.  Only when one thinks and analyses the procedures involved in this business, does the enormity of the business emerge.

Essentially an order fulfilment service is a third-party company that provides delivery service. Most often it is one arm of a Logistics provider.  Generally, 3rdParty Logistics Order Fulfilment Services provide services for B2B, D2C businesses.

Fulfilment Centres are very precise and prompt in their services.

The following steps are involved in ensuring the best possible Fulfilment Solutions & Services:

  • Goods received have to be inspected for damages.
  • Exact inventory has to be made.
  • A stock keeping unit has to be installed. This is very important for warehouse management, time management, bookings and despatches of cargo, billings, stock checking, tracking and answering any queries raised in connection with the location of cargo.
  • Storage of goods and the order of processing should be in order of distribution. All cargo should be easily accessible. The goods should be stored in the order of distribution time-table. For instance a crate of fruits should be stored right in front where it is easily accessible and the delivery date is the nearest. Similarly, a bale of garments can be stored in the interior of the fulfilment warehouse. Storage should also correspond to the delivery schedules and calendars and sent as per schedule
  • Shipping: Cargo should be inspected and sent for shipping/distribution on or before schedule, except in specific cases like perishable produce, medicines and more. The Fulfilment Centers should be well equipped to respond and resolve all enquiries about any cargo held for storage and distribution.
  • Ecommerce fulfilment services must have a very comprehensive, detailed and precise policy for return of goods. From vendor to fulfilment warehouse or from the end consumer to the Warehousing & Fulfilment centres to avoid losses to all concerned.

These various procedure and steps can be classified as order fulfilment and very broadly as 3PL Order Fulfilment Services, or simply cargo shipment. These are the refined procedures and norms followed by Gati.  Gati always keeps updating their procedures with progressing technologies. This keeps them one step ahead in providing complete customer satisfaction.

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