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The dynamics of commerce are set for a paradigm shift from a cash based system to a system that is cashless. Small and medium businesses are yet to cope up with this sudden shift as they find only a small percentage of their consumer base savvy with cashless transactions. Though many players in the ecommerce industry have “cashed” in on this sudden change, they find that they are missing out on a large customer base that is yet to crossover. And when they crossover, which is bound to happen, they would see a sudden avalanche of business pouring in. As a courier and cargo service provider for ecommerce, we understand the need for beefing up and staying ahead of the game.


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The needs of the courier and cargo industry are changing rapidly along with the changing demographics. The industry has diversified into separate directions with one end of the service spectrum becoming totally technology enabled and the other end specializing in providing micro level services.

The journey of the courier and cargo industry to its contemporary stage had first started with its investment in IT. This enabled the industry to handle volumes that were unimaginable previously. With Big Data, and IoT, the logistics industry has attained new levels of accountability and safety. While these technological improvements have certainly aided the operations for the higher end of the spectrum, the needs at the micro level have slightly changed.

The average individual does need premium services of a courier in different ways than before. A large contributor to this has been changes in the demographics. People have more and different needs today, and many courier and cargo companies don’t have customized solutions for these needs.

As Gati has made it to the second place in the top ten courier companies in India as per market capitalization in BSE, we realize that this growth has been a direct consequence of our interest in both the ends of the spectrum. We have specialized enterprise class solutions that cater to the industry at a much higher scale and customized solutions for all your clients who have special needs.

In order to customize the sub-five kilogram market, we have come up with some solutions that have become favorites with many clients. People look for premium services for their small packages and find themselves at a loss when there are not enough options. Keeping this in mind Gati-KWE has come up with the Premium Flexilite.

Gati-KWE has crafted tailor made solutions for numerous services that handle the needs of customers effectively. In the ambit of our special services, we have included:

  • Premium Flexilite.
  • Secure Box.
  • Student Express.
  • Art Express.
  • Laabh
  • Desk to Desk cargo.

Each service is specially designed and covers the entire length and breadth of the country. With a large fleet and across 32 airlines, we have ensured that the smallest needs of our clients are of high priority to us.

Premium Flexilite: This air service caters to the needs of shipments that are less than 5 Kg and demand urgent delivery. This service is tailor made for noncommercial purposes where people can get enterprise level services for their special but small packages.

Secure Box: There are those special packages that require secure packaging and urgent delivery. Secure Box provides services for packages up to 10 Kg.

Student Express: This is an excellent service for the needs of the students who need to courier their luggage, bikes, and study material. It is a low cost service that has become a huge hit of late.

Art Express: Gati-KWE offers this special service to the art community. There is need for the art community to ship their paintings, sculptures, and other works of art to exhibitions, galleries, and events. Sensitive consignment like antiques, paintings and other art works need special packaging and transportation. Art Express is the best for this type of service.

Laabh: This is a special service that is designed to carry regular consignments of small and medium scale enterprises.

Desk to Desk cargo: This special service is designed for noncommercial packages at shipping rate of Rs. 220/- for every single package up to 5 Kg.

With unique services that cater to both the enterprises and the individual, Gati-KWE has been able to provide excellent logistics solutions for the contemporary needs with élan.

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