Parcel Services for Small Businesses

The landscape of the Indian SME is fast changing and the reason for that is the startup boom. As numerous incubations centers and boot camps usher in new entrepreneurs, the market has had a new lease of life. As most of these SMEs are online solution providers, they need the backup of a supply chain and logistics solution provider that can handle enterprise class services as well as brick and mortar parcel services with ease.

parcel delivery

What with ecommerce encroaching spaces hitherto occupied by the retail sector, the need for essential supply chain and logistics services have gone up exponentially. Today, we need a robust service that not only adopts newer technologies for seamless services, but also provides basic services better. The days of the old parcel services have come to an end.Now, we have moved into an era where parcel services are highly customized and are aligned to the changed needs of the new age customer.

SMEs have specific needs when it comes to supply chain and logistical demands. Owing to the size and sale of the businesses, they need services that are affordable, reliable and are on time. An ecommerce venture that deals with electronic gadgets needs a reliable parcel service that is cheaper and provides a secure mode of transportation. Fragile electronic goods need to be handled with care.

On the other hand, a fashion ecommerce retailer has a different set of needs from a courier service. In order to cater to the services of such SMEs, the service provider should have presence over the entire length and breadth of the country, have special modes of transportation for safety, robust tracking system for millions of packages, ensure safe and on time deliveries.

As the profit margins and the brand reputations of these SMEs are highly dependent on the parcel services they opt for, it isessential that the supply chain and logistics service provider thoroughly understands the requirements of the SME and delivers solutions that are appropriate to them.

Moreover, to provide premium solutions at competitive costs for SMEs, the solution provider has to be armed with an infrastructure that is extensive. As a premium service provider, Gati-KWE has offered customized solutions for many SMEs effectively. With a deep presence over the length and breadth of the country, we have the logistical power to reach the remotest parts of the country.

At prices as low as Rs. 220, we provide special air shipping services for all those packages that need to be delivered urgently. We have designed special services to cater to the needs of small businesses after an extensive research and years of experience serving them.

The ecommerce is eying II-tier cities and rural markets as internet is about to have a more significant presence there. The need for a comprehensive solution provider for parcels and other services is more pronounced. Gati is one organization that can be a strategic partner in this scenario.

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