Logistics – The Backbone of e-Commerce Industry


E-commerce has seen an unprecedented growth and this trend is likely to boom in the coming years with the advent of mobile commerce. Consumers today are purchasing nearly everything online, from antiques to furnishings and grocery to electronics. The pressure to satisfy today’s technology-oriented consumer with outstanding service and speedy delivery is forcing traditional retailers to shift tactics or risk losing sales to massive online retailers. Gone are those days when the retailers used to directly source goods from suppliers and manufacturers. Today, there are e-commerce fulfilment distribution centres for distributing the products.

Rely on a Specialist:
Logistics in electronic commerce are customized to specific product ordering, inventory management, warehousing, distribution and billing, packaging, labelling, shipping, cash on delivery, payment, product return & exchange, and much more. The emerging e-retailers provide their consumers with a wide range of products along with detailed information about each product. Their huge network of distribution warehouses is strategically placed across. In order to make a delivery available they have people working in the warehouses around the clock pulling the items you order, and packaging them to ship immediately after you order them. Therefore an e-retailer aims to streamline the process, by relying on specialist enterprise mobility softwares that take care of most of the issues like tracking, management of stock levels, locations, packaging and fulfilment. Some established e-retailers create their own logistics while some depend on third party. The delivery model has to be chosen in such a way that it has to be timely, efficient and enhances the customer experience.

An online consumer is looking for attractive pricing and hassle-free delivery of products. In order to retain existing customers by offering them an exceptional delivery service and attract new ones, E-retailers have implemented same-day delivery to woo them. Some retailers offer free or low cost shipping for many products. None of this is possible without logistics management, as it is the cornerstone of the ecommerce industry.

In conclusion:
It is in the best interest of the ecommerce players to entail professional logistics service which would result in faster growth, success and dynamism for the company.

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