Let your vacation spirit fly high and light even on your way back home!

Top 5 reasons to ship excess baggage on your way back home from a long family vacation.

Taking your family on a long vacation to your dream destination is truly a magical and precious moment. Fun, frolic and quality time is all what you need. But sometimes returning home from you vacation can become a tedious and laborious experience with all those excess baggage full of gifts, souvenirs and shopping items that your family has collected to relive the holidays.

Here are top five reasons why you should ship excess baggage on your way back home from vacation.

Reason 1

Enjoy the hands-free travel to different holiday destinations!

holiday destinations

The best way to travel from one holiday destination to another is to move hands-free, so you can spend more time exploring vivid cultures, visit fascinating sights and treasure a whole lot of family moments!

Reason 2

Shop as Much, Excess Baggage No Fuss!

excess baggage

Don’t let your family compromise on their shopping needs just because the excess baggage will become a load to carry back home. Relax and courier your excess baggage without any stress!

Reason 3

Relax, Rejoice & Rest, for excess baggage pay less!

excess overweight baggage

Why pay more for excess baggage when you fly back home? Pay less and courier your excess baggage using express delivery courier service. So you can save more and travel often. Now that’s what we call a smart move!

Reason 4

No Misplace, Robbery or Damage Threat, Enjoy your vacation without any Stress!

Robbed or Damage While On Vacation

The risk of losing your luggage at the airport or someone stealing it; is high when you are carrying excessive baggage more than you can manage. Instead courier excess baggage using Gati’s express delivery service and be rest assured of No Misplacement & Full Safety. So sit back and enjoy a stress-free flight back home.

Reason 5

Your holiday memories & souvenirs safely delivered at your doorstep!

best holiday souvenirsWhen you ship your excess baggage using express delivery service, all your goodies are safe & secure and they arrive few days later on time to take your excitement to a whole new level.

Now without any worries take your family to their dream destination this holiday season. Have fun, shop, and hop your way back home because Gati will take care of your extra baggage. We deliver your precious family souvenirs for you while you fly back home hands-free and stress-free.

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