The World of Gati: A Look at Gati’s Organizational Structure

With multiple offices across India and thousands of employees, Gati has extensive and in-depth knowledge about managing and maintaining a huge network of people. The company has multiple offices in India along with its headquarters in Hyderabad, for corporate operations as well as warehousing, distribution, and transportation facilities. Following is a quick look at how Gati establishes a fluid connection between its various groups of employees through a fast and seamless organizational structure.

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Creating a three-tiered team on the ground
The ground level team is comprised of delivery boys, distribution and warehousing professionals, and a team of skilled drivers who operate the company’s enormous fleet of 3000+ vehicles. The hierarchy within these teams is based upon a simple yet efficient model.

  • Fleet: Drivers’ teams are generally two men units with a senior driver and a trainee working under him.
  • Delivery: Delivery teams are comprised of delivery boys and a Unit Captain.
  • Distribution and warehousing: The teams follow a pattern similar to that of the delivery team.

These teams are enabled with a professional code of communication and state-of-the-art gadgets to work in close collaboration with each other.

Creating a well-structured corporate team:
The corporate team of Gati follows the best practise in the corporate world. Here is a quick look at our corporate structure that is implemented across departments including technology, business development, marketing, human resources, and corporate communication.

  • The company is headed by a board of directors with years of experience in the industry.
  • They work in close collaboration with a team of very senior managers who are responsible for handling a group of mid senior level people, with considerable skill in their respective expertise.
  • Finally, Gati always treasures its pool of extraordinarily talented juniors and fresh graduates.

In conclusion
Gati’s seamless organizational structure has ensured that organizational efficiency has been at the core of the company’s culture since its inception in 1989. And the company is always on the lookout to take this legacy of excellence further.

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