How Future Leaders of Logistics Industry are Created at Gati



Gati is one of the leaders in the logistics space in India. The company would not have been able to do this if many in the organization had not taken the lead to drive various initiatives on their own. What makes one take those initiatives?

Nourishing future leaders

Leaders are made when there is an ambiance that encourages one to look beyond the scopes of his role and take part in various initiatives. We, at Gati have achieved that feat by fostering a culture that focuses on building up a career from the ground up as well as to grow further at the top. For instance, whenever someone is ushered into the team of delivery boys at the ground level, he is enlisted to work under a Unit Captain and encouraged to lead the team a couple of years down the line. Similarly, the second-in-command to the driver of every vehicle in each of Gati’s fleets is tutelage by the senior driver and encouraged to take charge when the time comes.

Refining leadership skills

Going a little higher up in the hierarchy, Gati encourages its top level executives to refine their leadership skills. This is done by two aspects, through knowledge and behavioral enhancements. When someone joins at a higher level, Gati requires him to go through a behaviorial training. The company also organizes training for its senior leadership so that they are ready to acquire standard industry level certifications like CII. This is unique in the Indian logistics landscape as no other company arranges for this.

Spreading leadership philosophies beyond the confines of corporate

Beside their responsibilities at the corporate, Gati employees are also encouraged to voluntarily take the lead in various CSR activities. From empowering girl children, to taking active part in creating campaigns for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Gati employees take the lead in multiple initiatives that are designed to make our society a better place.

In a nutshell, Gati provides a way to nurture future leaders, both in the corporate hierarchies, as well as, for the society.

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