Four Common International Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Technology and the internet have shrunk the globe – literally. Communication and transportation have reached previously unknown highs. Who would have thought of importing fresh fruits and flowers from Bangkok for a wedding? Or sending Indian art to the west, or exporting the fragile King of mangoes from India to every corner of the world. Advanced technology, storage facilities and fast track shipping has made all this and more, possible.

Freight Forwarding & logistics Company

Technology does not account for human error. Simple errors are made which can be avoided with a little foresight and simple logic.

Regulations for your destination

Each destination point of your supply chain could be a different country or region. Every region has specific requirements for Shipping and Freight Forwarding. Not knowing these requirements can get your product stuck in customs and regulations. Therefore, your understanding of various regions in their custom regulations should precede the delivery promise to your customer.


The best freight forwarding company is the one that has the best packaging. With international shipping, proper packaging of the product is essential to ensure safe arrival.

Given there are loads that shift in their packages and containers falls, there should be monitoring of the frequency of container handling during transit. In case of fine glassware, what is required is the use of shock absorbing packaging material by the freight forwarding company.

The Right Shipping Company

It should be noted that no single shipping company could serve your interests in every kind of demand or situation. Therefore, each destination or region should be served with a specific shipping partner who understands the regulations and customs of that region.

Your Freight Forwarding & logistics Company can find out about the supplier’s expertise in the destination region by checking on references, experience, number of transactions number of employees that the shipping agency has.


An International Freight Forwarding Company knows that shipping operations are prone to delays that happen very regularly due to many factors. Options such as door-to-port delivery go a long way in reducing delays and increasing customer satisfaction. This option reduces the number of hands involved in the operation and hence makes for tie efficiency.

Another common mistake is neglecting CARGO INSURANCE. This is especially very important in case of theft or damage. Normally most freight forwarding companies in India have a dedicated insurance company for all the needs of their clients. Know about your requirement and read the fine print before choosing the kind of insurance policy required

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