Evolving Landscape in the e-Commerce Segment


The advent of e-commerce in India has revolutionized the approach towards running a business for best customer satisfaction and at scale. From fashion to travel, from utility to luxury, from e-wallets to e-cabs everything is available at a click or a press. This ease and accessibility is accelerating the consumers shift in the socio-economic ladder making on-line shopping a preferred means of shopping due to its convenience and wider options.

The lightning-fast pace of change in the digital landscape has ushered in a consumer mindset that is both adventurous and exploratory when it comes to online shopping. With innovation becoming the new strength, entrepreneurs are coming up with clutter-breaking ideas to create newer verticals. This has given rise to new shopping experiences to the customers. These emerging experiences are being embraced by retailers to reach the customers in newer ways. As e-commerce sites gain trust, users are beginning to order more frequently and users are becoming more comfortable buying higher priced items online Also, repeat users – acquired more than 1 year ago – are more comfortable ordering online and order significantly more than first time buyers

Scope for growth:
There is significant head room for growth considering the Indian e-Commerce market is 1/9 compared to Russia & 1/60 to China.


Cash on Delivery:
It is projected that Cash on Delivery (COD) will continue to remain a significant payment mechanism, which augurs well for e-Commerce logistics partners.


Partner with the maximum reach:
It is observed that the Tier 2 cities are growing much faster in e-Commerce adoption than Tier 1. Some states are completely lagging in ecommerce, waiting for infrastructure to be put in place. In order to curb this regional imbalance the government has undertaken Digital India project and the modernisation of India. The programme will give a strong boost to the e-commerce market as bringing the internet and broadband to remote corners of the country will give rise to an increase in trade and efficient warehousing and will also present a potentially huge market for goods to be sold.

Based on this, a logistics partner with the capability to reach the far out corners of the country will be much sought after.

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