Weathering the challenges of logistics. How cold chain solutions help.

In a country as large as India different regions have different weather conditions ranging from excessive heat to hailstorms to freezing conditions. For instance, the harsh summers in the south are in stark contrast to the freezing cold of the Himalayas in the north and north-eastern parts of the country. The rain and humidity of the east would be the opposite of extremely dry heat in the desert areas of the west. All these can have severe effect upon the movement of goods when they are in transit.

Logistics of e-Commerce

Logistics of e-Commerce

The Indian e-Commerce industry is slated to be grow into a $90 billion market by 2021. This prospect has changed the way many businesses operate in India. For instance, the industry is shifting from direct store replenishment by suppliers, to wholesalers, to the rise of global sourcing to address the changing scenarios.

India e-Commerce behaviour in 2014

Urban India is increasingly embracing the digital. The internet and the mobile are rapidly becoming the preferred mediums and modes for communication and interaction for both professional and personal lives. For instance, in recent years mobile shopping has increased by a whopping 91% while 92% of consumers have sought information online vis-a-vis seeking those through any other medium or source.