Being Gati-ite: A Rewarding Career that Goes Beyond Just Another Job


The difference between a job and a career is often marked by a thin line. Are you doing your work because you like it? Or are you doing it because it is a necessity? We at Gati strongly believe that your work and your work ambience should be such that you would be encouraged to move beyond the relatively narrower possibilities of a job and instead focus on building a satisfying and fulfilling career.

Creating a culture
Gati focuses on creating a world-class work ambiance by creating a culture that fosters a sense of purpose and meaning among its employees. This is done by bringing in a sense of purpose to the work that everybody does at Gati.

Empowering at ground level
At the ground level the company educates its delivery boys and empowers them with high-end digital devices such as customized tablets. They are further encouraged to become Unit Captains a couple of years down the line. We also encourage the second in-command to the drivers in our fleet to become proactive and take up greater responsibilities so that they are ready to drive our fleets later on.

Enhancing at the top
On the other end of the spectrum, Gati takes care of its senior pros by providing help for them in their growth path. So these employees are selected are given behaviorial trainings as well as offering them industry-leading certification programs.

What you do is important. But how is do it is equally important.
Gati encourages its employees to spend some time on understanding how they are going to do something vis-à-vis what they are going to do. Unlike many other companies, we believe that the work ethics is as important as important as the work itself. The KPIs, at Gati therefore, go beyond mere numbers and figures and take in consideration how an employee is striving to achieve as well.

Giving back to the society: CSR initiatives at Gati
Being a responsible and credible company means doing your bit for the society. We at Gati, undertake various CSR activities and encourage you to be part of this initiative. Join hands with us to make India a cleaner, greener, and more developed country.

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