Enhancing the Skill of Employees Through a Culture of Empowerment

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Performing at the top of your abilities requires you to work in a set up where you will not feel bogged down by your work culture. At Gati we believe that empowerment is at the heart of an enduring corporate culture that fosters growth. We strive to create and nourish a culture where every employee, from the ground level to the top, feel empowered and enhanced. The result is that, you get a bunch of happy employees at every level to serve the customers.

Here is a quick look at how employee empowerment is put into practice at Gati.

Seeding goodness at ground level: delivery boys and drivers

One of the most important units of any logistics company is its fleet of delivery boys who take care of operations at the ground level. As part of our training programs, we encourage our fleet of delivery boys to be tech savvy and provide them with customized tablets and other digital devices. We, further encourage them to become Unit Captains if they stay with us for about a couple of years.

We apply the same principle for our drivers who run our fleet of vehicles. The second in-command to the drivers in each fleet are encouraged to become proactive and take up greater responsibilities so that they are ready to drive our fleets later on.

Taking care at the top

On the other end of the spectrum, Gati takes care of its senior pros by helping them out in their growth path. These employees are also given behavioural training after they are taken into the folds of the company. We further ensure that they are provided with top level industry-leading certification programs for the logistics industry.

In a nutshell, Gati ensures that all its employees feel at home while doing their work at the company. Through this process, the company believes that its employees will move beyond the limited scopes of a job and instead are put firmly on track for the more rewarding possibilities that come with a fulfilling career.

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