parcel delivery

Parcel Services for Small Businesses

The landscape of the Indian SME is fast changing and the reason for that is the startup boom. As numerous incubations centers and boot camps usher in new entrepreneurs, the market has had a new lease of life. As most of these SMEs are online solution providers, they need the backup of a supply chain and logistics solution provider that can handle enterprise class services as well as brick and mortar parcel services with ease.

courier delivery

Special Courier Services for Special Purposes

The dynamics of commerce are set for a paradigm shift from a cash based system to a system that is cashless. Small and medium businesses are yet to cope up with this sudden shift as they find only a small percentage of their consumer base savvy with cashless transactions. Though many players in the ecommerce industry have “cashed” in on this sudden change, they find that they are missing out on a large customer base that is yet to crossover.

best holiday souvenirs

Let your vacation spirit fly high and light even on your way back home!

Taking your family on a long vacation to your dream destination is truly a magical and precious moment. Fun, frolic and quality time is all what you need. But sometimes returning home from you vacation can become a tedious and laborious experience with all those excess baggage full of gifts, souvenirs and shopping items that your family has collected to relive the holidays.

Enjoy the lighter side of student’s life!

Travelling to your university hostel from your home with heavy baggage/trunks/suitcases can be a tiresome job. Last minute loading/unloading your luggage in the train/bus is not only a stressful but also painful task. Here are the top five reasons why you should ship your baggage on your way to your university.



Tuck into and enjoy your royal treat of Alphonso mangoes with these great tips :

Always keep the box of Alphonsos at room temperature. Remove the bubblewrap and mango from their nets. Check if the mango is ripe. A ripe mango gives an appetising whiff. Do not refrigerate till the mango is ripe.
As the mango ripens, it gradually begins to shrink andthe skin wrinkles. This is a natural process and a phenomenon unique to theAlphonso.


Mizoram Blog

Land of the hill people or Mizoram is the 23rd state of India. It has the distinction of being the second least populous state of the country. About 20 major hills and peaks range across the length and breadth of the state. It has the highest percentage area covered by forests amongst the Indian states. The Vantawng Falls are the 13th highest waterfalls in the country.

Tripura blog

Tripura Blog

Far from the madding crowd, Tripura is among the oldest princely states of India and is home to 19 indigenous tribes. Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore penned eternal lines about Tripura: “When the woodlands of Tripura have sent out invitations to their floral feast through their courier of the south wind, I have come as a friend.”

Manipuri Blog

Manipur Blog

Literally meaning “jeweled land”, the picturesque beauty of Manipur inspired Mrs. St Clair Grimwood (the author of “My three years in Manipur” in 1891) to describe the state as “a pretty place more beautiful than many show places of the world”. Even Late Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, described Manipur as the “jewel of India”.